Friday, February 22, 2013

Fan Fic bragging rights.

Siobhan Muir's weekly contest landed me an honorable mention this week. This week's prompt was the rather challenging: “They were small countries.” There were some amazing entries, go check it out!

“Austria and Hungary are gone, sir,” she stated with only a faint quaver in her voice. She’d just announced the death of millions of people, the loss of two countries. They were small countries, but the death toll was staggering.

She was surprised when a large hand settled on her shoulder, warm and comforting. “I think that given the circumstances, we can drop the titles, Ellen.”

“Protocol, sir.”

“Protocol went out the window the moment that virus got loose. People are dying out there, and they’re going to keep dying.” Sergeant Jeff Taggart leaned in and tapped the screen, bringing up another set of tables, more terrifying data. “We can’t stop this. There’s not enough vaccine.”

“So we just sit here and watch the world die?” Tears burned her eyes as Ellen watched the line of red creep over another fraction of the map. Every time that line moved people died. She’d been watching it move for days, it even haunted her dreams. Not that there had been much time for sleep since the report had come in. What were the odds that a plane would plummet to earth right on top of a forgotten bio-weapon cache? She couldn’t begin to calculate the variables. Every rescuer, every survivor, had been infected before they had even left the site.

“Now we prepare. There will be survivors, and they’re going to need our help.” Jeff’s hand tightened on her shoulder. “And I’m going to need yours. I can’t save the world alone.”