Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday Threads with Siobhan Muir

February was a good month when it came to flash fiction!

Back with Siobhan Muir's contest this week, and Bella Juarez (one of my fav Siren writers) was judging.
Prompt: "We should fix that"

A New Project:

“I’m not going out with you two tonight just so you can set me up again. My lack of a love life is not your responsibility. Night guys.” She hung up the phone and muttered, “No sex in six months and suddenly I’m everybody’s new pity project.”

 “We should fix that.”

The voice had come from behind her. At this time of night she should’ve been the only one in the office, alone while the rest of the world was out celebrating. Who the hell was still here on a Friday night?

She turned around slowly and the answer to her question came into view. Rafe Masters, of course. Who else but the drop-dead gorgeous star of all her erotic daydreams would be here late just so he could overhear how pathetic she was.

“Sir? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.”

 His green eyes narrowed and he stepped in close, placing a manicured hand on either side of her shoulders, caging her in. “I think you heard me just fine. You mentioned a new project and I’m interested in signing on.”

“It’s not that kind of project, sir. It’s uh…personal.”

“That’s the only kind I’m interested in, at least when it comes to you.”  Rafe’s lips brushed her mouth and the spicy scent of his cologne filled her senses. “I’ve been working on a personal proposal of my own. I think I’m ready to start negotiations.”


“Item number one on the agenda, sweetheart. You’ll call me Rafe.”